Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oregon Fades Away

Chris is disappointed that I didn’t mention Oregon in my college football rants. Let me explain.

I, like Chris, was excited about Oregon prospects. They were charging through the latter half of the season. Not having any reason to be an Oregon fan, I was vicariously living through random posts about Oregon’s success on the Burnside Writer’s Blog. I could tell they were, and still are, die hard fans over there and it was fun to read about the excitement through the eyes of true fans.

However, when you drop three in a row at the end of the season you aren’t in the limelight anymore. Yes, if Dixon didn’t get injured they could have won those last three games and possibly been in the title game, but they didn’t. I guess I was a little disappointed to see a team lose all bearing of where they were going because they lost their QB. That says a lot about how valuable he was to the team. I wish Oregon was able to pull it together and win a couple of those to make it into the BCS, but it seems Dixon’s fall couldn’t rally anyone else into a leading role, at least not for the last regular season games.

Hopefully things will change in their bowl game.

No, I am not an uncle yet. Megan is still having this kid, but things are progressing. It sounds like Brooklyn will be born while I am at work this evening.

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