Thursday, September 01, 2011

Charleston Wedding - Thursday and Friday

Orange glow of Sunset meets the hint of Irene. (I am really digging Blogger's new format options with photos. These are huge now.)

On the horizon, way out to the left, you can see some of the big clouds, representing Irene's outer bands. 

Same night: Thursday. I am a sucker for sunset pictures.
Irene and her dirty waves hit the South Carolina coast.

A picture of the wedding photographer, Jarrod.

More of Irene's dirty ways, I mean, waves.

Collin meets Irene.

Why not hand my camera off to a pro for a few seconds? Thanks, JROD.

The scene from the rehearsal dinner. Beautiful. Another amazing sunset with a full rainbow too, but I found the waves mesmerizing.

This guy kept walking around as if he was going to go in. I watched him for a while. He never did. I can't say I blame him. Look at him, he's in knee deep water where there isn't supposed to be any. 
Also from rehearsal dinner site. Not a bad spot.

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