Friday, September 02, 2011

Charleston Wedding: Saturday and Sunday

Irene killed a lot of starfish. Damn her. 

Horseshoe Crab. Dead. Missing two legs. Huge, scary looking creature.

The plaque in front of this tree (the Magnolia Plantation oak) reads: Though its age cannot be determined by boring, it was referred to as a "large oak" in the earliest days of this 300 year old plantation. Because fires were built in its interior by early plantation workers, [they mean slaves, my addition here] this tree has been completely hollow for more than a century, and its growth thus retarded. However, measuring over 30 feet in circumference, it remains one of America's largest specimens of live oak. (Quercus Virginiania)
It bothered me that they used the wording "early plantation workers" on the plaque. Why don't you just call them what they were? There's no sugarcoating that era and when I ran into even a hint of it in the South it really made me miss Colorado.

Once again, the oak. 

And its large, old arms.

Amazingly, I hadn't sweat through the front of my dress shirt at this point, but I was well on my way. This, I believe, was taken as Courtney walked in. 

Frank. Isle of Palms. Riding his bike he brought down from Jersey.

Frank on his way back.

Sunday. Irene gone. Pleasant coastline and dunes.

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