Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Theme Here

A recent Wisconsin sunset from our deck. Last night we had a lightning show and later a tornado. Video of the lightning will be put up here soon.

The Navy's Blue Angels visit Milwaukee.

A C-17 swoops over us.

I like the twirly things behind the props in this picture. I think this is a support plane that transfers equipment for the Blue Angels.

Some air show fans.

Now this is an air show fan. You can tell by the shirt. Not only does it celebrate American innovation in flight, but American innovation in killing. We were there for the former, but you get the feeling after walking around for a while, reading some more shirts and eavesdropping on conversations that there are quite a few people there to celebrate the latter. That is a weird sensation.

This tractor off our deck was used for about a week after we moved to Oak Creek in July 2007. It has since sat next to a wall, eventually the left tire drained of air and it has either been overrun with weeds or encased in snow for three years. Our second week here, I took an egg from the fridge and threw it at the right tire. It was a hot day and the egg ran down the tire, cooking as it went. You can see the streak to this day.

The tractor through our wrought iron fence.

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