Friday, June 04, 2010

BP Boycott Ineffective

Let me preface, I don't regularly visit any BP stations in Oak Creek or the Milwaukee area. I am not a regular BP customer who is now boycotting the company. I am a one-in-fifty-fill-ups-at-BP customer.

That said...

I did a little more research about a BP boycott and I found a lot of articles like this one, which essentially say, a BP boycott would be ineffective and it would only hurt the station's owners and not affect BP all that much. Which is to say, a boycott would be detrimental to BP's bottom line, but you are going to have collateral damage. That damage in this case would be station owners and employees. It makes me feel bad about wanting to boycott BP and I start feeling like I am contributing to a station shutting down possibly and people losing their jobs. But do I have an obligation to give a gas station, which is in contract with BP, any of my business? The name of BP and their logo will always be associated with the spill in the gulf and I am not going to pull into a station which is in contract with them, even one time out of fifty.

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