Monday, October 05, 2009

NYC - Day 3 - Part 1

The first thing we happened to do this day is wander down to Times Square to look at the TKTS offerings. TKTS was closed, so we headed off for the rest of the day, but when we were walking through Times Square we saw Dr. Oz interviewing people for his show. We stopped. Kate took a picture. We carried on. But I thought the picture was pretty good. Oz wears scrubs all the time, even while interviewing people in public. So weird.

A water fountain in City Hall Park. I am pretty sure I am not making up the location. It was right near Brooklyn Bridge.

The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was hot and slow (because of the flood of tourists on Labor Day), but it was worth it. The views from the bridge are incredible. I probably took close to seventy pictures when we were on the bridge. Don't worry, I've tried to pare that down a bit.

Lower Manhattan, shooting toward the WTC site.

We got another touristy couple to take our picture. They did a damn fine job.

From the bridge, looking to Midtown with the ESB, Metlife, and Chrysler building all visible.

Again, from the bridge, looking toward the Statue of Liberty.

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