Friday, October 09, 2009

The Nobel

There is a lot of buzz out there this morning on Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. As expected, there is a lot of criticism from the right. They ask, "What has Obama accomplished?" My first answer to that question, "Well, not that much considering all of the Right's stalling and lying about what health care reform means for this country."
But, honestly, I think the Nobel for Obama is way too early. If Obama is able to accomplish what he wants to accomplish, he would certainly be a worthy recipient of this prize. However, he hasn't even been in office a year. The decision to give the prize to Obama obviously has something to do with how different some of Obama's policies are from the previous administration. We can be happy about that, but it wouldn't have been so easy for the right-wing nutters to make fun of this if the Norwegian Nobel Committee waited a little longer.

Nevertheless, there are some witty responses from the left out there. My current favorite:

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