Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tears for MJ

This is not a blog about Michael Jackson. This is a blog about his fans. I am not talking about his younger fans or tweens that sob at the appearance of any musical idol, but about Jackson’s older fans, those in there 30s, 40s, and 50s. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of pictures of said fans crying and holding each other and I am here to insensitively say to them, “Grow a pair.”

MJ was most likely not a friend of yours. You may have obsessed over his music, honored his humanitarian deeds, and revered his impact in music, but why the tears? They are completely unnecessary. If you are uncontrollably sobbing over the unexpected death of Jackson, then how are you going to grieve when someone you actually know, have possibly seen in person, and perhaps love in a personal way (not an idolatrous way), dies?

This doesn’t mean crying for public figures that you don’t know isn’t allowed, but I’d say that exhibiting sorrow in such a way should be reserved for the assassination of a world leader or perhaps for a figure as big as MJ who doesn’t have such a dark cloud hanging over much of their existence on earth.

Damn, I am so mean sometimes, but seriously, stop crying!

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Rachel said...

I agree! What is with that?! You make such a good point, possibly the most clear point I have heard since his death, about people's ability to mourn for celebrities. Wow.