Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Miller Lites, $7.50

I went to a Brewers game last week. It was my second in as many years. Before getting to the stadium I wolfed down a sandwich from Jimmie Johns, determined that it would tide me over until I got out of Miller Park. It did.

With the help of a lot of sunflower seeds passed among friends, I got out of that park without spending an additional penny on anything from a hot dog to a beer. Prices for these items are bad enough at movie theaters, but at the park the prices are so astronomically high that some nights (one out of two so far), I refuse to give them any of my money.

A Miller Lite for $7.50!?!?! Are you kidding me? That is insulting, maybe not to those that have grown up drinking that piss water, but to those that have gravitated toward beer with a good taste and not necessarily a low calorie count, a Miller Lite for $7.50 is a joke. The high-class beer at Miller Park is just as insulting. Red Stripe and Corona bottles for $9.50?


Red Stripe and Corona are both more respectable beers; solely based on their superior advertisements, but also on taste. However, they’re not worth $9.50 and it disgusts me to think of the people profiting from such outlandish sales.

I can sit through an MLB game without succumbing to the pressure. I wish more people could. That’s the only way prices will come down. 

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Guy said...


You are totally right, and your timing couldn't be better.

My family and I went to this place called Mini Israel, and the rates of the popsicles and beer were just ridiculous. Unfortuntatly, I wasn't srtong enough to say no, but right after I got it, I felt kinda bad.

The only way to make a change is not to buy at those places.