Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Summarizing a Year

I was trying to write a Christmas letter over the weekend and got terribly frustrated with the insurmountable task of boiling down a year of highs and lows to a one page letter. By the time I was supposed to write about my own year I was a bit snarky and I wrote the passage below, which didn't make it in the final draft. Kate thought it was a little too mocking.

Bryce broke up with Starbucks in June to go to work for a distant relative of Osama Bin Laden. You might have heard of him, his middle name is Hussein. The days were hot, long, and often frustrating, but in the end, Bryce valued his time as a community organizer and came away from the whole experience still believing in God, as well as feeling like he wasn't a baby-killer, and feeling like he still supported the troops. 

An amusing summary, but, I suppose, one not appropriate to send to our families. Maybe next year.

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