Tuesday, December 02, 2008

GRE, Major Tom, AC-EP, Poem Memorization

I already hate the GRE and I haven’t even made a test date or really cracked open my study book.

I can’t possibly make any grad school application deadline that is sooner than February 1st.

“Major Tom” by David Bowie is a fantastic song.

I’ve been Facebook free for three days. I am not going through withdrawal. Actually, it feels quite good.

Listen to MxPx’s The AC – EP. Through iTunes I have been able to track down some MxPx I don’t have. This little album has been one of the best finds. If you don’t buy the whole thing, at least buy “Invitation To Understanding.” This version is one of the best MxPx songs I have ever heard.  It was the 203rd MxPx song to grace my iTunes library. Well worth the purchase.

Was your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie any good? Be honest. We weren’t in charge of the pumpkin pie. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t as tasty, and it wasn’t Libby’s recipe.

I had never memorized a poem until last week. I thought it was about time so I set out to memorize “Crossing the Bar.” Nothing big, just sixteen lines. It makes me feel smart. I think Donald Miller wrote about this somewhere in one of his books

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