Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Tour

Le Tour de France is over. I believe it was one of the cleaner Tours in a while, but truly, only time will tell. The victor, Chris Froome, announced in his victory speech that this is one yellow jersey that will stand the test of time. That is obviously in reference to all the former winners of the Tour who have now been disgraced by revelations that they were cheating, but I particularly enjoyed the line because it was a great dig at the press and at Lance Armstrong, fraudulent winner of 7 yellow jerseys. If Froome holds up, then that line will be remembered for a long time. 

One of my favorite parts of the Tour are the video clips that outlast the race itself. That's what this blog is really about, just an excuse to share some video from the last few years of the Tour. 

This first one is of a spectator tripping another spectator who is running alongside Tejay Van Garderen. I understand the temptation to run along with the riders in the Tour, but as soon as someone starts getting too close, gets in the way, or gets too disruptive, I immediately start hoping that the rider punches the fan or that the fan falls on his ass. Naturally, I watched this video several times. At the end, the cameraman or one of his friends says, "Well, don't run with the riders you twat!" That's classic.

One of my favorites of Contador punching a fan a couple years back. The dude deserved it. These guys train year round. This is their job. I too would punch a guy really hard if I thought he was about to disrupt years of training and hard work.

And this last one is just from the last few days of this year's Tour. Froome rightfully lashes out at another moron running too close to him.


Rachel McClintock said...

Obviously I love all of these videos!

Bryce Perica said...

I'm glad you do. I still love the Tour.