Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Joining Twitter

This is sort of a mea culpa, as I have lambasted Twitter on this blog before. Admittedly though, Twitter has come a long way since then and, apparently, so have I. For a while I have been thinking of joining merely to follow news organizations or certain journalists because news travels fastest by tweet and I like to stay informed. And then I emailed a connection in the writing/publishing industry and one piece of advice he offered me was to get on Twitter. These two reasons, coupled with the realization that I do value short, witty, funny sentences and one way to read more of those and to produce more of those is to join Twitter and that is why I have decided to sign up. 

I still despise Twitter for many of the same reasons I have held since its creation, but I'm not going to rehash those again. 

Now, I just have to pick a name. Unfortunately, my Instagram name of bigbryce is not available. I also tried "thebryceisright," one of my absolute favorites, but some punk out there already has that one too. I'm trying to avoid using my full name or bperica, which, interestingly, was also taken, so I have settled on a few: @bigcitybryce @tallissues @brycebroods @pericaposse. I'm leaning toward @bigcitybryce. I can change the name later, according to Twitter's website. 

If you have any thoughts on the names or Twitter itself, I'd love to hear.

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Rachel McClintock said...

I am legitimately sad thebryceisright is taken. That sounds perfect! And yes you can always change it. I kinda like that about twitter.