Thursday, December 01, 2011

One of the Best

I know. No post in the last two weeks and I come back with some sunset pictures. Lame, I'll admit it. However, given that I've seen a lot of beautiful sunsets from my good vantage point, I have sort of turned into a sunset snob and have become very selective of the sunsets that call for me to bust out the SLR. But last night was the most beautiful one I've seen from my apartment. The interior of my place was glowing orange and the scene just kept getting better and better. It's quite a different scene now, a white wall of snow. I can barely see Colorado Blvd, but 16 hours ago I could see forever up and down the front range and I got sort of sad thinking about not living here at some point. There will be beauty wherever I live next and probably more living space, but I already miss the sunsets.

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