Friday, September 10, 2010

They Facebook?

I quietly signed back onto Facebook a couple weeks ago. I am thinking of my return to Facebook as a trial period, which will either remind me of how stupid it all is or show me some great things about it, which I might not have noticed the first time around.

An observation I have made since signing back on is that the average age of Facebook’s users has skyrocketed. During my two-year hiatus, at least one aunt of mine joined, an in-law joined, and countless adults, people who I didn’t know could even use a computer, joined.

In a way, seeing all the old people on Facebook is sort of sad, but cool also. Sad because Facebook used to belong to twenty-somethings, it was a little corner of the internet for us, like a club, albeit a very impersonal and lame one, for wrinkle-free human beings. And cool, because you realize that older people do catch on to trends in technology, even if by the time they get to them the trends are quite dusty and in need of repairs.

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