Monday, September 13, 2010

The End of Lost

For most fans, the end of Lost was on May 23, 2010. It was just a couple nights ago that Kate and I watched four episodes, one of which was almost two hours, keeping us up way past our bedtime, in a binge of Lost-watching that will not be matched by us because the show is over. I have been thinking about the show since we finished it. There is a lot to examine and opine about, but I am working on that.
Honestly, Lost is on par with Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Easily. Easily. And to think, it came from television, a fact worth mulling over for hours. On top of that, I once doubted--just a little bit--the quality of the show because of the mass following and the insane devotion of its viewers, who, I have discovered, were not mistaken in their appreciation for and addiction to this show.

The scope and breadth of Lost is one of its most attractive traits. Although I consider it to be as great as Star Wars and LotR, Lost invites a broader swath of the public to be its viewers because of what the show addresses, which is considerably more than a movie can do, even if there are six (SW) or three (LotR) of them. In my next posts about the show, I will write about those things the show addresses and I will do so by sharing much of the plot. This is to say, if you ever want to watch Lost, don't read any more blogs about the show (at least on this blog). Instead, jump right in on Hulu (seasons 1-5 are free until the end of the year) or start renting them.

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Rachel Larson said...

Bold statement comparing them to LOTR. Maybe I will watch them this winter.