Thursday, July 01, 2010


I am sure I am breaking some sort of rule/s by putting this up on the web, but the answers are from anonymous students. Thus, the class shall remain anonymous. These are just my favorite answers to questions on the teacher evaluations for the class I taught this year. I didn't correct any spelling and grammar errors in these answers.
What aspects of the teaching or content of this course do you feel were especially valuable?

1. I believe Mr. Perica did a fine job explaining the proper techniques of swimming and showed us what to do correctly.

2. The aspects of the teaching of this course that were especially valuable to me were the professors comedic approach to proffessoring.

3. To be prepared when swimming is required.

What changes could be made to strengthen the teaching or the content of this course?

1. The lifeguards need to be accountable and need to show up on time or at least call in to let us know how long we will wait.

2. Add more absence credits (5).

3. Possibly the addition of lifeguards that don’t make patrons feel unwelcome.

What other constructive comments would you like to make about the instructor and course? Please provide specific illustrations and examples supporting your comments, as they help us to better understand your evaluation.

1. It was fine to have actual swimmers in the class. He did NOT neglect the rest of the class! He was always there for help.

2. Get lifeguards that don’t suck.

3. Have lifeguards be nicer.

4. Big dog is awesome.

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