Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inception, Lost, LeBron and Le Tour

The movie I can’t wait to see…Inception. I can’t wait to see this on the big screen. Seeing previews for it is exactly like seeing previews for The Matrix back in 1999. You didn’t really know what the hell the movie was about, but it looked so damn cool. Don’t let me down Inception.

The TV show I can’t stop watching…Lost. For six years I had this conversation with people. It always started and ended the same way.

Friend: Do you watch Lost?

Bryce: No.

Friend: Oh, it is so good. You would like it.

Bryce: I bet I would, but I just don’t want to get into it now.

Friend: You should. You would get hooked.

Bryce: I don’t want to watch another series on TV. When Lost is done, I’ll watch the series straight through. It will be better that way and besides, I have never seen an episode and am so far behind.

Well, Lost is done and I am blazing my way through the series on Hulu. I am almost done with season 3 (only 5 more episodes). At this point, I can confidently say that Lost is the best produced suspenseful/Sci-Fi television I have ever seen. Nothing I have seen on TV compares to it. In terms of the plot, I feel like season three has been one of those low points I heard Lost fans talking about toward the end of the series. They would say things like, “Lost lost its way in the middle for a little bit, but it’s better now.” Sometimes I think Lost is a little evil experiment on its viewers by the writers and producers. Let’s see how many people we can get to watch this show without ever really answering any questions or taking them anywhere. The show sometimes feels like the first hatch and it’s 108-minute timer, where the question was: How long will someone commit to pushing the button before they stop or begin to question its purpose? How long will people watch Lost before they realize it is just a cheap trick, that they have been taken for a ride in an endless loop, which disguises old tricks for new, cheap thrills? But then during other episodes I will feel completely different, like the writers are geniuses. I’ll notice the smart injections of philosophy and politics. The writers are excellent at making me hate everyone on the damn island. First it was Sawyer, then it was Anna Lucia, and now it is Juliet. Oh, Lost. You’re so great, but I can’t wait until you are gone.

The professional athlete I am currently most disappointed in…LeBron James. “The Decision.” Seriously? You haven’t won anything LeBron. I was so happy to see David Stern criticizing LeBron’s method of marketing himself and the decision. For me, LeBron isn’t in the Michael/Kobe conversation right now. His ego is unjustifiably enormous. Where are the rings, LeBron? He is more a jester now than a king.

The sporting event I am watching now…Le Tour de France. I’m rooting for Andy Schleck. Not a big Contador fan, especially after the exchange of words with Armstrong during and after last years Tour. Go get ‘em, Schleck.

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Rachel Larson said...

Movie: I am so excited to see that too. It better not be bad, cuz I have eagerly awaited it's release (TOMORROW!!!)

Lost: I was/am the same way. I don't know if I'll ever start watching...

Lebron: The decision was horrible. The dude hasn't won anything, since when does he get this nickname "the King". Shouldn't MJ have that?! So ridiculous!!

LeTour: So bummed Lance isn't doing better but I think Schleck has a good shot, he's riding so strong. It's been a good tour so far.