Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NYC - Day 4

I am continuing with the picture theme on here. Back in September and October I was sharing pictures from the trip to NYC over labor day weekend. I stopped at the end of our third day. Two more days to go...

Day 4

This artwork is over one of the entrances to 30 Rock. I think it is beautiful and very uniform and industrial looking. However, I am sure it is just there to brainwash me into thinking like a socialist by emphasizing wisdom and knowledge as good traits. I am waiting for Glenn Beck to rip this to pieces on his show. Tell me if he does because I don't watch.

A stained-glass window in St. Patricks Cathedral. It is so hard to get good shots without a tripod in massive dark cathedrals, but it is worth attempting.

Inside St. Patricks Cathedral.

We couldn't get enough of Central Park. I love the idea of this massive park surrounded by a city that never sleeps.

Towers near Columbus Circle on our walk to the Upper West Side for lunch. On the way, we saw a movie being shot outside the Plaza. We weren't allowed to get close, but I had a hunch it might have been the sequel to Wall Street. Why did I have that hunch? Just because I read something about them starting to shoot that movie the week we were there. No other reason.

The Guggenheim...we didn't pay to go in, just walked into the lobby took some pictures and walked out. It looked like a lot of people were doing the same thing. There are hot dog stands right outside the museum. Some people don't like that. Some people don't care.

This is in the modern art wing in the Met. I am facing a large circular mirror comprised of mini hexagonal mirrors.

Taking in some art....some modern art. Very simple. But I liked it.

Going out to dinner on our last night in NYC. The meal was great, just a little overpriced. I suppose we did pay extra for the location because it is in Rockefeller Plaza.

We went to Serendipity 3 for dessert. We weren't even hungry and I was served the biggest single serving dessert I have ever seen. I ate about a fifth of that. It was good. Kate got the apple pie. It wasn't great.

Kate outside the famous Serendipity 3.

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jarrod renaud said...

dont think the dessert was big enough. nice pics man. ahh. vacation. so great:)