Wednesday, January 27, 2010

59, Still a majority

This blog used to be all about politics. It hasn't been lately. Actually, it hasn't been, period.
But this night, the night of President Obama's first official State of the Union, is a good night for this blog to once again have a political bend.

I am not live-blogging the speech. I am way out of practice for that, but I will be following TPM's live blog and Sullivan's live blog during the speech. I am more excited for this speech than any other SotU speech I've watched before, not just because it is being delivered by the man I voted for, but because of the harsh political landscape. I think no matter how moderate Obama comes off as tonight you are going to hear nothing but criticism from the right. The right says that they'll take Obama seriously if he comes out with a moderate plan and approach to policies, but my feeling, and maybe I am way off, is that Obama would need to turn into a republican right before our eyes in order for anyone on the right to take him seriously. It is amazing how Obama really brings the nut jobs out of the woodwork. I have my theories on why, but that's for a later blog.

Additionally, I just wanted to point out what Jon Stewart pointed out last week and it is this...President Bush never had 59 senators from his party as President Obama does now (even after the loss to Brown in Mass.), and Bush did whatever the hell he wanted to...for eight years. I am sick of the talking heads acting like all is lost. All is not lost.

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