Thursday, November 29, 2007

College Football Rant

I love college football. Love it. Since I've pretty much been out of commission for weeks on end now I've been watching nothing but football and SportsCenter. I was caught up in the chaos of it all before, but an overdose of SportsCenter has given me a little more perspective on it all. You may not call it perspective, perhaps insanity, or stupidity. This is, no doubt, the place for my opinion, the place to say whatever the heck I want. I will continue to do so.

I don't like Missouri. They aren't that entertaining to watch. I predict that they will lose to Oklahoma, not just because I want them to, but because I honestly feel like they are a little boys team in a man's league. They remind me a lot of South Florida. Talented? Yes. For real? No. And no, I won't take them for real if they beat Oklahoma.

West Virginia is a seriously good football team. They are one of those teams from a not-so-huge conference (Big East) that could play any team from any conference and put up a good fight. Plus, White really is exciting to watch, unlike Chase Daniel. Plus, Chase is chubby, not like Mangino chubby, but he has an excessively doughy face for a QB. And, there was no reason that Missouri should have jumped WV in the polls after beating KU. That is pathetic, but not as pathetic as we'll get here.

Ohio State. The Big Ten has it so easy. Weren't they done in October? Seriously. Ohio State hasn't played in weeks and they keep moving up in the polls and might slip into the big game. The BCS...what a mess. This team does not deserve to play in the championship game. Period.

But wait, there is worse. There is so much worse.

Hawaii. #12. There are demands from players and fans that they should be considered for the national title game, are you kidding me? They play in the WAC. The only teams anyone can name in that conference are Boise State and Hawaii. I also know that Utah State is in the WAC, but that's only because Wyoming often played them early in the season and the game was often a joke because Wyoming would trounce Utah State. It was a joke for Wyoming to play a game against a team that Hawaii is saying they have built a championship season upon. That is pathetic. I'm even reluctant to give Hawaii a BCS bid. Please, file them away in the bowl.


Rachel said...

Yeah Hawaii is the biggest football joke since.....Nebraska...haha

ferber said...

Hey, they have a very good weather there, so please don't laugh at them