Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Blog That Started It All

It's true. This is the blog that started it all for me. It got me into this blogging thing and I have yet to stop. Started in 2005, Six Hours On Sunday, was a way for me to write. There was no topic. Everything was game. I wound up posting a lot of political musings on here, a few of which I still love reading to this day, which is extremely rare of me to say. Usually when I read old stuff of mine I want to rewrite the whole thing or scrap the piece altogether.

Because there was never any narrow focus on this blog, it had a hard time targeting a reader. I'm sure I attracted some with image posts, or humor posts, but then I probably lost some readers when I essentially came out as a democrat and started to post a slew of political things during the 2008 presidential campaign season. And then, maybe, as time went on and I was posting fewer political blogs some readers might have come back. And then they would have left again because of the intense graduate school curriculum I faced for two years.

Six Hours On Sunday will always be here as long as I am writing or have a desire to. So this is not its final post, but it could be the last one for a while. For once, I have started a new blog with a narrow focus. It's called At Home With London. It is about my journey as a dad who is raising his first daughter who was born at 26 weeks. So, if you're just getting here for some reason and you want to follow me, I'll be over there writing and attempting to document an adventure unlike any other.

God bless you for reading.

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