Thursday, February 21, 2013

Busy, But Still Reading

Graduate school has once again pummeled into submission any attempt at consistent blogging. And, when I do have free time, I typically don't choose to spend it in front of the computer, where I often am writing papers. At this moment, I don't have free time, I am merely procrastinating for ten minutes to share with you two extremely good pieces of writing I have enjoyed this week.

The first, is a post by Andrew Sullivan, titled "How Capitalism Creates The Welfare State." It is very fascinating and it isn't something I have previously spent a lot of time thinking about, but a lot of the post's contents resonated with me, especially the move from rural to urban and the abandoning of older generations and blue-collar workers who remain at the periphery, unable to find employment in the first world's centers of industry. 

The second, is a much longer article by Hilary Mantel, titled "Royal Bodies," that was recently published in the London Review of Books. Mantel's article has spawned a lot of criticism/controversy in the UK, but I found it refreshingly honest about the role of royals today. They are to be looked at and they are to breed. Mantel doesn't mince words in describing how the royals are viewed by international media and legions of adoring fans across the world. I was very curious to find out whether I would take offense to anything in the article. But why it is controversial is beyond me. This is fresh, honest, and informative, and one can easily tell that Mantel wishes for the royals to be treated differently. 

I hope you get to read these articles if you have not already found them.

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