Thursday, July 07, 2011

Introducing Root Down

I am introducing some more lucky people (my sister and brother-in-law) to Root Down happy hour today. Kate and I have been in Denver for almost a year. We went to this restaurant for the first time with Wes and Marissa. We had been in town less than a month and we instantly latched onto this place. Having been to a lot of restaurants all around Denver now, we have a hard time getting away from Root Down for more than a month or two. Two months…we may have never made it that long. I lied.

I have been contemplating writing a lengthy review of Root Down for a while now. I feel I know the menu pretty well, from brunch to dinner to happy hour. But this is not that review. No, this is me sharing my shock at finding a review of Root Down by someone writing for Westword magazine. This author’s headline: The food at Root Down gets a thumbs-down. Now, moronic headline aside, this review was written in April of 2009. I don’t know how old Root Down is, but in April of 2009 I was busy sampling Milwaukee’s dining scene. This isn’t a joke. There is a dining scene in Milwaukee and it is very, very good. Check out La Merenda, Carnevor, or Lake Park Bistro (to name a few).

Recognizing that more than two years have passed since this review was written, it is conceivable that Root Down has drastically improved. However, it was August of 2010 when I first went there and from that point on it has been a great place to dine. The prices are reasonable and the servers have always been the most courteous and timely servers one could hope for at a restaurant of this caliber.

However, recognizing that there are a scary number of people out there who love Qdoba more than Chipotle just because the former has queso sauce, I have concluded that these same people are writing negative reviews of Root Down. Having also factored in the awe-inspiring crap that is contained within the pages of Westword, it is not surprising that its followers are anything but discriminating epicureans. So, if you stumble across this review, take it with a grain of salt, drop what you’re doing, and head over to Root Down to find out for yourself.

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Rachel Larson said...

We went there this weekend. SO good!!!! Everything was fantastic except maybe our waiter wasn't that friendly but he was good! Thanks for the recommendation!