Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Love This Stalemate

I wouldn’t refer to myself as a fan of it. Fan is too strong of a word. I watch it on occasion, but I can’t rattle off names or participants and give you their corresponding stats.

Every year I reach a point when I think America’s obsession with it is, well, pathetic. The amount of time and energy consumed, no, wasted by it is overwhelming. It is sad, to see how much interest and money goes into it.

I don’t care about the outcome. Really, I don’t. I might prefer one group of guys over the other, but if they don’t finish on top, why should I care? I am not invested in them. I can’t relate to their life and they can’t relate to mine.

Obsessions aren’t necessarily unhealthy. I have mine, but even I take a break from them every once in a while and I want to see America take a break from its obsession. I think it would greatly benefit throngs of people across this country.

And sometimes I feel like I am the only one out there who isn’t hoping for a resolution. I want it to go on and on, past the point of no return, and straight on to the cancellation of this year’s NFL season. There, I said it.

Free up your Sundays, Monday nights, and the occasional Thursday night. Invest in something other than your couch, your TV, and your waistline. That fantasy league that requires you to spend hours watching games and researching the team you want. That will all be there in 2012. Give it a rest. Step outside. Talk with people, not your TV.

You know when you are sitting there, watching a game, and thinking that you really want to be doing this or that, but you don’t move because it is easier to watch a silly football game. I hate the feeling, but fear not; with no football this year you could do those things.

To be honest, just in case I hadn’t been, I don’t care about the players or the owners. They are all millionaires. Their struggle and their wants and needs are so ridiculous they too could benefit from a year off, realizing they have it so much better than all of us. I hope they get that reminder. And I sincerely hope Americans can get their Sundays off this fall.

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