Monday, February 14, 2011

I Need Your Help

I got a tip from my grandma that the Denver Post is having a contest. The paper is looking for op-ed columnists. Anything like this peaks my attention and interest so I did some research. The Denver Post is asking for each contestant to send in two 650-700-word columns by February 22nd. I want to enter, but I need your help (if you are willing to give it) in selecting the writing I should send in. As far as I can tell, the writing samples don't have to be exclusively about living in Colorado, but it won't hurt if they are. So, let me know your favorite pieces of writing from this blog. There are over five years of writing on here. Pick out the stuff that stood out to you, stuff that you think you could be reading in a magazine or newspaper. If you find anything like that, email me at and let me know what piece you like. If you don't find anything, email me anyway...I like emails. Or leave a comment on this post with any ideas.

Seriously, I would appreciate your help on this. Whenever there is a writing contest or a job to apply to that requires a writing sample I have a hard time picking out the piece of writing that most accurately shows promise or talent. Here is a link to a column about the contest and details.

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