Saturday, April 03, 2010

No TV, No Problem

Parting with TV for Lent has been great. It isn't easy to say on here what exactly I did with the time I wasn't watching TV. I am sure I read more in the last 44 days than I would have. I am pretty sure that I wrote more too. And, I've had to rely on the internet and the newspaper even more than I previously had for staying up to date with current events. On the flip side of that, I felt delightfully out of touch with current events at times and it is hard to feel that way unless one is backpacking.
It has been very nice to not watch the NCAA tournament. I never really care who wins or goes far in the tournament, but if I watch I have the tendency to pick some favorites and then I get really upset when they lose. It is stupid. I am happy Duke has made it to the Final Four. I am also proud that Butler, a Horizon League (Milwaukee's conference) team, has made it to the Final Four, but since I haven't watched previous rounds of the tournament I am not nearly as invested in their outcome. Honestly, even though Lent ends today or ended on Thursday (I'm not exactly sure when Lent ends for Presbyterians), I don't plan on watching the games tonight. I might tune in to the last few minutes, but I don't even know if I'll have the TV on tonight.

The one show that I missed the most was The Daily Show. It gives me a substantial dose of humor and journalism (yes, I believe it does) before bed. It reminds me daily why I have become disillusioned with politics after having spent a summer working for a politician. It reminds me of how crazy the media is. It reminds me that it is best to stay moderate in political views, or at least independent of political factions, because the Democrats often don't have the balls to get anything done and the Republicans, in all seriousness, are freaking crazy right now. Of course, anyone who listens to Sarah Palin and thinks, now that's a great candidate for President of the United States of America, could be found medically to be insane. It also reminds me that I don't really connect to the Democrats either. I don't know if I have anything in common with Nancy Pelosi. I'm not exactly sure we are the same species. It's hard to tell after that plastic surgery, but I think we were both for health care reform.

That's about it probably.

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