Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh, How I Did Miss You Sullivan

I had to take a break from the political blogs for a long time. Again, blame it on my attempt to get into grad school. Anyway, I stopped by the Daily Dish today and it was worth my time to see Sullivan still going off (deservedly so) on Palin:
While I'm at it, does anyone actually believe that Palin's name for the child of miraculous provenance was found by her deep knowledge of ancient Norse as she claims in her magical-realism novel, "Going Rogue"? I mean, seriously. She knows about as much ancient Norse as she does English grammar. It's as credible as the idea that she gave a speech while having contractions, several hours after going into labor, as she claims in her novel. It's as credible as her amazing journey in labor with a special needs child on a plane where the flight attendants, according to theAnchorage Daily News, did not even notice she was pregnant. It's as credible as any number of indisputable self-serving, unbalanced lies that she has told in the public record for years.

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