Monday, July 06, 2009

A Belated Happy 4th

I soloed July 4th, or I should say 3rd, because Milwaukee lights their fuses on July 3rd in a nod to the suburbs which all host their own fireworks on the 4th. While last year I spent the third under these marvelous explosions, this year I wanted to avoid the crowds. I watched the show from Bayview, and private property I should add, and I brought the tripod and camera, hoping to get a couple shots. I did as best I could with a point and shoot camera, but a more powerful lens is desired to show off my stunning shooting location and the brilliance of this pre-4th display of pyrotechnics.

Off to Colorado tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you there.


Rachel said...

Nice pic!!

What you doin in CO?

Erik Haagenson said...

Really good picture with the skyline and horizon.